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Paint Night

Paint Night - What It's All About

Some of our Paint Nights are open to the public at local venues or as fundraiser (inquire with a message!), but most of our paint nights are private parties for people like you! Invite your friends, family, or co-workers, and I will teach everyone step by step how to painting the picture of your choice. I will even paint with you so you see how it’s done. I have carefully chosen pictures that are easy to learn so they are great for beginners who may have never painted before!

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Paint Nights can be at your house, or any location you choose. I bring everything with me including table covers. There is no extra cost for supplies.


$40 per person. For a private party, I ask for a minimum of 6 people. You can have less, but cost will be the same as if there were 6. I have taught groups of up to 50 people, so the only max is how many people you can fit in your space!

Family Team Building

Does your family need something different to connect over, to bond, to laugh and maybe even cry over? Or maybe you just want a fun way to spend time together! Cre8ive Ways is offering a profound, inspiring way for your family to create a meaningful experience and piece of art - TOGETHER. Join other families on schedule family days, or book a private session. Call or email to inquire.

Wine Glass Painting

This is such a fun night! I will bring everything you need for everyone to hand paint a set of 4 wine glasses. (You can sub for beer glasses or coffee mugs.) I have some great tips and tricks up my sleeve to make this so much easier than you think! I even come with a book of ideas and templates! $45 per person, with a minimum of 6 people.   

Intuitive Painting

Let your creativity thrive in a place free of judgment. Let go of whatever is holding you back and explore your imagination. Intuitive painting can be a healing process, very therapeutic. In this workshop we paint with no plan or goal. It comes from the heart. Its about trusting yourself and your own internal guidance. This form of painting is very freeing. I will teach you how to reach within and create a piece of art using a variety of materials and tools including your own fingers.