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Collaborative Art Team Building


Event Details

Work in teams to create a unique piece of art. You can choose a theme, a goal, your company values, or just let them work together and see what develops. This is an amazing, carefree, happy team building exercise that your employees will actually look forward to. Plan for 3 hours.

Group of:

12-16, 4 canvases 17-20, 5 canvases 21-24, 6 canvases 25-28, 7 canvases

29-32, 8 canvases 33-36, 9 canvases 37-40, 10 canvases

Base price $300 + $75 per canvas This price includes all painting supplies, as well as table covers to protect your space. (At 40 people, this works out to $26.25 per person.)

Watch this video of the Home Depot team: https://youtu.be/gOm2dbqMj58


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