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Wine Glasses + Alcohol Ink Coasters



In this unique activity, each person will design their own set of 2 wine glasses, as well as make 2 tile coasters using the very fun and unpredictable alcohol inks! They come in very vibrant colours and you never really know how they are going to turn out. I bring coffee mugs for those who don’t drink wine. I also come with loads of ideas and templates to make the wine glass painting fun and easy!  Takes about 1.5 hours.


Paint Nights can be at your house, or any location you choose. I bring everything with me including table covers. There is no extra cost for supplies.


$40 per person. For a private party, I ask for a minimum of 6 people. You can have less, but cost will be the same as if there were 6. I have taught groups of up to 50 people, so the only max is how many people you can fit in your space!

To book, please check for availability here, or call/text Ally @ 403-999-2547.


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